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2017/2018 Choreographer at La Maquina Tanguera, Rimini, Italy

2012 Choreographer on Summer Night Tango - Melbourne Australia / AvanceTango Company

2010-2008 Choreographer of "Piazzolla Tango Show" at Casa de Tango

2007 Assistant choreographer for Crisitna Cortés for the new show “Piazzolla Tango” at Casa de Tango

2003-2005 Choreographer and teacher of the ballet “Esencia de mi Pueblo” (Essence of my town) directed by Oscar Arce with whom he performs at the Tango Festival of La Falda, Cordoba

2005 Choreographer for the Folklore and Latin-American Ballet of the Province of Santiago del Estero

2004 Choreographer for the “Ameridanza” Ballet in the city of Cordoba

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