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2020/2022 Teacher at October Tango in Christchurchl / Tango Intense Training for Couples February/March 2022, Christchurch, New Zealand

2017/2019 Teacher at New Zealand Tango Festival / Tango residency in Nelson for TANGO LIBRE (New Zealand)/ Teacher at La Maquina Tanquera, Rimini, Italy

2015/2016 Visiting Teacher in  Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland (New Zealand)

2014/2016 Teaching w Nancy Louzán at Estudio La Esquina and Fundación del Tango

2012/2013 Teacher at Workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron bay (Australia), Wellington and Nelson (New Zealand)

2006-2010 Assitant Profesor of milonga “La Marshall”. Profesor at Hostal Casatango, Argentina Inside de Walker Travel and Tanguera Hostel

2001-2005 Teaches at the Tango Workshop in the Luz and Fuerza Union, Cordoba

2004-2005 Teacher for the summer and winter Dance Courses at the National University of Cordoba

2004 Conducts the annual Tango Workshop under the Secretary of Education of the National University of Cordoba



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